Miss Ellaneous: Gentleman Juggler

The Powder Room

 Solo Juggling

Inspired by the gentlemen jugglers of bygone eras, vaudeville and the old fashioned values of elegance and manners, Miss Ellaneous will surprise and inspire you with her twirling parasols, hat manipulation and ability to juggle the least expected.

Staging requirements

  • ‘The Powder Room’ can be between 4-7 minutes long.
  • Minimum stage size 4m x 2m
  • Ceiling height at least 3m
  • CD/mp3 player + operator required
  • Cannot be performed outside

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“Miss Ellaneous reinvents the tradition of the ‘gentleman juggler’ – bringing to life everyday objects, from parasols and perfume bottles to martini glasses.”Tom Beauchamp,
Fuse Circus

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To book Miss Ellaneous for your event contact Karen Edelenbos.
Phone +61 450 561 349   Email info@missellaneous.com.au  facebook   Melbourne, Australia